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6th-Sep-2008 08:56 pm(no subject)

ahh i don't have much to post, other than i made a video last sunday:

school is...school.  i'm worried i'm going in over my head though; i've joined far too many clubs (culinary club, class of 2011, student council)  and sports (kickline and tennis), plus a regular dance class where the manager encourages me to take other dance classes as well!  schoolwork is definitely more difficult, i'm beginning to realize. i used to have a free period in school (ninth period) but i had it filled with this stupid class about child development.  i reaaaaally should've left it open.  i would've had so much more..time.  and my friends are wondering where i am lately.  i never realized how much i love my weekend. like love love it.  my days are slipping away from me.  all i can do is indulge in a little tv before going straight to homework.  great.
hope everyone else is doing a little better:)
25th-Jul-2008 05:37 pm - bedclothes, why am i in bedclothes?
     adljofiw.  sometimes i hate seeing people outside of school.  today i went to the beach and saw a classmate and his muscular friend.   he was all "HEY".  hmmph.  don't yell at me when i'm at the beach, especially when i just scratched my bum on the sand.  
     then i came home and my sister cut me bangs.  spur of the moment kinda thing.  my nose felt prickly.  but i felt like Ramona Quimby ;]  when she had her bangs cut she felt like a rabbit.  twitch twitch went the nose.  my english teacher told me once that if i was an animal, i'd be a rabbit.  sorry, i'm rambling.    
     i'm tired.  i wish i lived in the UK right now.  the actors and bands i'm currently into are from there.  no fair.  my mom contemplated sending me there to live with my aunt, so that by the time i went to college, i'd have free dorming.  but i knew she wasnt serious.  she likes to get my hopes up, i'm easily excited.
grrr .  i hate finals. this whole week i've been studying and its killing me:[  and i still have two more tests friday!
moving on:  i just finished the host on sunday!  i thought the beginning was kinda slow but the rest was great!  i don't wanna talk so much about it on my journal cause i might slip some spoilers without realizing it.  Stephenie Meyer is a genius.  Thank god for her.
My fav characters are Melanie and Wanderer.  The guys don't appeal to me so much, they're hot tempered.  Except for Jamie.  Love him!  (Although she makes him seem much younger than he is.)  He's always happy and accepts anything that comes to him. What a trooper ;]
i love all books by stephenie meyer (i even read her story in Prom Nights from Hell, it was great!) and jaclyn moriarty.  Jaclyn Moriarty had brilliant, witty books with sprinkles (teehee:]) of romance here and there.  And stephenie meyer writes great love stories.  can't wait for their new releases!  
30th-Jan-2008 08:43 pm - book club

     glorious, glorious book club is the reason i picked up twilight.  in august 2007 i had discovered the book, but i didn't think much of it.  But in november 2007, our book club moderator told us to read it.  i borrowed it from the library (which i regretted greatly, because i had to bring it back to that library) because i thought i wouldn't like it.  HELL NO!  i loved it!  then i quickly bought the next two, devouring them in what, one week.  i'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for the movie and breaking dawn.  solid e/b shipper.
     but anyway, today was the day we discussed TWILIGHT.  Half the people thought being a vampire would be cool.  Only two people thought the book was stupid.  but that's okay, because the majority of the room loved it!  i am obsessed with this book, and ahhh, i don't care if people think i'm a freak.  but god i love this book.  reccomend it to everyone, please.
     now our book club leader would like us to pick a another book.  I reccomended Feeling Sorry for Celia.  I liked that book too.  Any reccomendations out there?

27th-Jan-2008 12:36 pm - Twilight Rumors

Here are the twilight snippets I've heard about casting (which is either true or false):
-Billy Burke is in the Twilight movie
-Rose McGowan is Victoria in the Twilight movie
-A boy named Noah Hunt tried out for the part of Jacob Black, and possibly got it

The only one I believe a teensy bit is the first one, and that was because someone heard it on the radio.  any more news?

11th-Jan-2008 10:07 pm - ellen page
so i just got back from watching Juno with the best people in the world and, oh my.  it was lovely.  the love story between juno and paulie bleeker is so sweet.  and ellen page is just amazingly funny and witty, i think she could've been bella if she wanted to.  but for some reason i'm glad she isn't bella, because bella doesn't seem like her type of character.  i think kristen stewart will be able to pull it off.
when is the news of the other characters coming out for the Twilight movie?  i mean february is so close by.  I doubt they'll post the whole thing till like summer but oh well.  someone always finds out and spills :] 
10th-Jan-2008 08:25 pm - dead tired

so i just got back from practice (yay.)  competition is sunday and we need all the practice we can get.  but on to more exciting news.

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